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I've been working with SRT for more than 17 years. It has helped to improve my life and the lives of the ones around me, including my clients, tremendously!  It's the main structure that supports all my spiritual work.

Ana Victoria,
my grandmother, mother side. 
Lolita, my mother ,
and Marucha, my aunt.
my grandfather, mother side. 

SRT and Family Tree work complement each other. In fact, practitioners find the Family Tree work the piece that  was missing in the whole healing process

SRT system allows to clear programs that the Soul has stored in the Akashic records as a result of the Soul journey. We clear programs created by life experiences in this current life as well in past lives, other dimension, etc. It's a spiritual healing.

On the other hand, Family Tree work, is not about clearing programs, it's about clearing Invisible Loyalties that we hold with our Ancestors. It's a very grounded method to work with our Family linage on Earth.



In 2018, I immersed myself in learning about Psycogeneaology as part of the Transgenerational Therapies. I was fascinated with the work. I was able to find many loyalties from my mother's side but when I tried to work with my father's side, I got stuck. I never met my father or their family so I was not able to go further in the healing.

And then, voala!... I hear a voice saying: "Maria, you have SRT. You can find the Loyalties without knowing the actual data history of your father's side".

After that, I created the charts with the guidance of Spirit, and started working on myself, family and clients. The class came organically right after.  

But what are the differences between a Spiritual Response Therapy clearing and Family Tree work? And how they

can relate?

Maria Dolores,
my great-grandmother, mother side. 
Me at 6 months old.

The beauty in this work is that we can open, clear and harmonize the Family Tree without knowing all the data history or information require on some other modalities. 

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A Family is an organized system with rules, roles and order. 

It has Soul and Consciousness, always looking for balance and re-establishing order to make sure no family member is lost in order to preserve the survival of the system.

We based the fundament of the class on the Order of Love as Bert Hellinger, the Father of the Family Constellation, talks.

First Order: Right of Belonging

Second Order: Compensation

Third Order: Whichever ancestor has been in the Tree longer, takes priority.

We explore the mother and father’s side up to 8 generations of Ascendants, 7 generations of Descendants and Soul Family. 


The class

Clearing our relationship with the ancestros involved we free ourselves from the toxic and False Loyalties that we stored in the name of Love to our linage.

Those False Loyalties prevents us to embrace life with more harmony, peace and awareness.

It helps to start living our lives more  in the present moment with all the possibilities for a better future and not just live as a ghost through the projection of the past.

With this class you will be able to performance a more holistic healing, including  Soul Programs, Invisible Loyalties from the Family on Earth, and Soul Family relationship .



  • How to establish and intention to clear the Falses Loyalties you hold toward your Ancestors 

  • With the help of the meditations find out where you may hold the Loyalties in your physical body

  • Learning the procedure to investigate the Family Tree up to 8 generations with the given FT Charts & Biogram.

  • Understanding the relationship between Soul Family and Family on Earth and being able to clear them.

  • Anniversary Syndrome as important part of the whole process

  • Learning the specific role and position you may have in the Family System

  • Find out what are the gifts your Ancestors are wishful to give to

  • Clear our legacy to the new Generations 

  • Get your power back to have the life you are entitle making peace with your linaje and recognizing your Ancestros. 

  • ... and much more.


  • Learning the procedure to investigate the Family Tree from generation 9 to generation 20. 

  • Beside your parents and other cast of characters there are other key important people involved in the ancestral conflict. Clear the Falses Loyalties you may have with them. 

  • Expanding FT Charts 5 working with Health to clear the Ancestral trauma causing difficulties healing your physical body. 

  • Are you sick or just having an Ancestral Calling?

  • With the help of the meditations find out the Five Energy center in the your physical body where you may hold the Loyalties.

  • Understanding and clearing the principal transgenerational wounds.

  • Slave Syndrome,  Ulysses Syndrome, Emperor Syndrome and Yacente Syndrome as important elements in the whole process.

  • Make yourself a new Project & Purpose of your life

  • ... and much more.




I celebrate your courage to heal your linage and ancestors.

They will thank you in many ways!

FT Class Level I - content 
FT Class Level II - content 

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*Session:  You have 3 options for the FT work 

                   *1 session: SRT + First 4 generations (up to 1 hr)

                   *2 sessions: SRT + 8 generations (up to 90 mins each one)

                   *1 session: SRT + 8 generations + descendants + Soul Family (up to 2 hrs)


 *Fee: $200 per hr

                   *Payment options: *Zelle

                                                            *Venmo: @maria-zeiss





*Information about FT Classes: click Here 

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