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 ” The men is ill, but illness is nature’s attempt to heal him” . Carl Jung

Metaphysical Clearing

When our physical body experiments any unbalance in its functions is a biological respond (an act) of adaptation to reality, accordantly with the Bio-decoding and New German Medicine.

In our daily life we can encounter up to 7 conflicts at the same time. Each one of them with different degree in intensity. Some of them are really easy to solve so those don't  cause mayor stress. Other, at the contrary, take a  mayor quantity of energy and stress trying to solve and coping with it. 


When a conflict is not been solved in some period of time and become a burden, is when the problem starts, In other words, when the person resist to adapt himself to the new circumstances in their life, either because can not find solution to the situation, or resist to accept the only solution they may have in their hand.  then the symptom is the last call to solve the conflict that has been generated too much stress in the brain-body.

There are a lot of information and many books written dedicated to find out the psychological and emotional implication of each organ, and the meaning of the unbalance in the body.

The body contain all the information so we need to understand what is the reason and why it chooses certain physical manifestation  and not other. The symptom tells the story of what is inside of us.

I've been trained with the disciplines Total Biology and Biodecoding to find and clear the roots that is causing the discord in your life. Using SRT and dowsing tools, the intention is to unlock the biological code to clear and open the possibility for your inner healing energy to emerge.

Clearing the blocks to help the body to heal itself.

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Are you ready to book your session?

*Session:  1 hr 

(unless it's requested to extend it to 90 mins maximum)

*Fee: $300 per hr. 

For payment in the US:  Zelle:

                                        Venmo: @maria-zeiss

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The sessions only are conducted by phone, Zoom, FaceTime, 

The -in person- sessions are not being offered at this time. 

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