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Spiritual Response Therapy San Diego (SRT)

This is a private group created to offer support to the SRT Community.


You can ask questions, share experiences and discuss ideas that contribute to the ongoing growing and learning. 

*Participation subject to approval

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SRT Monthly Meetings / English & Spanish

Every month we have meetings with students, practitioners and teacher to increase knowledge and improve the SRT performance. Also, it's a great way to create a community where you feel a sense of belonging supporting each other in this journey.  

Last Wednesday on every month. English at 7 pm PT / Spanish at 2 pm PT

Invitation share on the FB page 

Suggested donation: $25. No mandatory to participate but greatly appreciated. 


Students Session after Class 

Do you need support after taking a class?

This is a good and affordable option


You  can clarify doubts about the process, procedures and charts, or if you simple need to confirm the accuracy of your clearing,


No clearing will be performance and it limits to

1 session every six months.

Duration and Fee: 30 min $65 / 1 hr $95

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