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Mindful Readings© are readings done in the vibration of the Here and Now

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They are non-predictive readings, because "the future" does not exist, not by default. There are many posible futures to choose from and that's determined by how we live and experiment the Present moment. 


We have the tendency to repeat patterns, to be mechanical, trapped between the past (fear) and the future (anxiety). Mindful Readings™ reflects those tendencies helping to be aware of our own creations in order to do the changes needed.

These guidance readings describe the energies that are manifesting in the immediate reality. By knowing the Planetary energy and the Archetypal influences, we can make better and informed decisions.

Through the Tarot and Astrology as systems of self-knowledge, we can recognize the kind of vibration our thoughts, emotions and actions are producing and reproducing in our immediate environment.

We believe that although there is a Purpose of Life, a mission that the Soul decided to live and experience before incarnating, however, the ways to reach that Destiny are based on our daily actions and decisions. The more aware we are, the more loving our choices are.


for the Soul

It's not only find your Solar or Raising sign.
It's the exploration of your Soul structure and how Spirit decided to express itself through your masculine and feminine roles; strong and weakness areas; how you express your thinking, loving, playing. Knowing yourself more, it helps to be more align with your path on Earth. 
We work based on the knowledge on the traditional Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Human Design  and Spiritual Astrology. We also, check the mayor planets transits and annual Chart (Solar Return).

-First time, it's up to 3 hrs
-Recurring sessions, 1 hr

finding your purpose

moon nodes

Doesn't matter what you do in life, there is a Purpose your Soul set before decided to incarnate.
The position of  the Moon Nodes in your chart at the moment  of your birth indicates very clear what are the gifts you bring to the world and what are the learning that needed to be incorporated in your live.
Those indications point out the right direction to accomplish of what we call Mission or Purpose

Duration: 1 hr

making right choices


Decisions are everything in life. We permeate our future every day based on the right and wrong decisions we make.
Sometimes we feel we don't have sense of direction and ended up either unable to decide anything or we rushing things blindly. This is because the personality takes over enabling the ability  of "listening" your True Self which is the only one who can indicate the right path.
Tarot can help to connect with that part of you which is hidden helping to make the right decision for a better future. 

Duration: 1 hr

Sessions FEE:


  $200 per hr

Tarot Readings: $200 per hr

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  • 3 maximum: $100

  • Single: $40

The sessions only are conducted by phone, Zoom, FaceTime.

The -in person- sessions are not been offered currently. 

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