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What is 

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a system of spiritual healing that helps to access the subconscious mind and the Akashic Records (Files of soul). 



SRT eliminate or minimize the impact of blocks and discordant energies that generates challenges in the physical, mental or emotional bodies. Through the use of a pendulum, over 30 charts, and by establishing a connection with the Higher Self / Spirit, we can perform clearing and healing.

When the energy trapped is discharged by removing layers at the spiritual level that somehow we have created consciously or unconsciously, the unlimited access to the essence of what we really are, to our infinite creative potential, starts to unfold.

You can clear anything you need: relationships, work, finances, business, health, pets, physical spaces, and more. 

What is 

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) is one of the most powerful techniques that exist to holistically work the physical and spiritual bodies in the process of healing.



Robert Detzler (†), founder of SRT, developed this system after having worked for a long time with SRT. It is a fantastic complement that harmoniously integrates the three main aspects of life: the Physical Body, Soul and Spirit.  

Basically, it is a work with the physical body through Universal Energy in order to discharge low vibration energies, blockages, psychic wounds, memories and programs that are stored in different parts of the body (organs, endocrine system, etc.) causing discomfort or ailment.

In his book Soul Recreation, Robert says:


"The answers are literally within ourselves. We are much more than the physical brain in physical bodies. We are indeed much more that consciousness itself. To put it in simple terms, what we consider as the mind has three facets: the conscious, the unconscious and the super conscious, but we are even more than that."


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What is 

People ask, what is the different between SRT and Dowsing?  



SRT was created based on Dowsing using the pendulum to ask questions. However, SRT was developed to be a very structure system that help us to access to our spiritual life.


With SRT we performance clearings and healings with a precise procedure of preparation to work to make sure we are working always with the highest level of Consciousness (Spirit) avoiding interferences from low vibration energies and beings. 

I use Dowsing in combination with SRT to ask questions before and after the clearing to get the information needed from other sources.  This help me to open infinite possibilities for the client exploring other areas.


*Duration:  1 hr (Include SRT Clearing, and SpR if it needed)

 (unless it is requested to extend the time. Maximum 2 hrs per session)

*Fee: $225 per hr using Zelle:

                                         Venmo: @maria-zeiss  



Note: The sessions only are conducted by phone, Zoom, FaceTime.

The -in person- sessions are not offered currently. 

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