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Every month... every New Moon!
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Join me... and your ancestors every month on New Moon for the rest of the year. Perfect time to clear what no longer serves our purpose!

There will be 11 episodes with the intention of Making Peace with our Ancestors. Please see titles, dates & links below to my Youtube channel.

More Information:

We are witnessing very interesting and challenging moments in human history, and the more we are in peace with the past the better are the decision we can make in the present and for the future. 

We have no more time to waste..

YouTube videos 
  • Youtube

Feb 20th/Epis. 1:  "The Acknowledgment 

  • Youtube

March 21st/Epis. 2: The "Permission"

  • Youtube

August 16th/Epis.7: "The Compassion"

  • Youtube

Sept 14th/Epis.8: "The Healing"

  • Youtube

April 20th/Epis. 3: "The Opening"

  • Youtube

Oct 14th/Epis. 9: "The Honoring"

  • Youtube

May 19th/Epis. 4: "The Research"

Nov 13th/Epis. 10: "The Reconciliation"

  • Youtube

June 18th/Epis. 5: "The Receptivity"

Dec 12th/Epis. 11: "The Gratitud"

  • Youtube

July 17th/Epis. 6: "The Acceptance"

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