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Arkana-spiritual dowsing

"When you contact your High Self the source of the power within, you can tap into a reservoir of infinite power"  Deepak Chopra

Arkana-Spiritual Dowsing class

Why is so important to be aligned with your High Self and Spiritual Helpers?

It is no longer strange to us to hear that we are spiritual beings living and experiencing in a physical body but what does this mean? and what different can make in our daily life?

Just as we need support from our parents when we are growing up, or from teachers when we are at school or college, for example, the same way we need spiritual support to navigate the waves of life. And it's not just that, we need guidance so that our soul continues to evolve even after it leaves this body.


High Self as the highest entity of ourselves fulfills that function spiritually speaking. It is our inner wisdom, our compass that although we do not see with our human eyes, we can feel its presence more and more in our reconnection process.


In this class you will learn how to reestablish that connection that has been lost, and also clear negative programing our Soul acumulates and has stored in the Akashic Records. 

We must live our lives anchored in this earthly realm, but that does not mean that we must live being lost. We have the greatest support, our True Self/High Self, we just need to remember it.

Supporting Material 

* Charts

* Opening and Closing statements


Spiritual Dowsing allows you to stablish conection with your High Self and Spiritual Helpers using a Pendulum and some Charts that I have created.

If you are not ready to take the SRT training yet,   I have designed a method that is an excellent alternative resource to clear programas and do some Energy Healing.


The Arkana-Spiritual Dowsing  Class, will also prepare youself for the Family Tree and Neutralize Planetary Energies Classes when you eventually take them.



*We begin the class with a baseline meditation to help relax the physical body allowing us to be prepared for work.


* With the help of a statement, we establish communication and conection with High Self and Spiritual Helpers.

* And we go through the 5 charts investigating, clearing and opening energetic space to begin to raise vibration and consciousness.


*Once we have verified that there is nothing more to clear, we make sure that the vibration and consciousness have reached the desired levels.


*At the end we use another statement to finish ans seal the whole process.


The class are offered by individual request. No group class.


Time: around 4 hrs

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Payment options

In the US: 


*Venmo @maria-zeiss

Outside of the US: 


*Western Union & Bank transfer 

Ask for details.

NOTE: No refund policy
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