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neutralizing planetary energies
Clearing the influences from the planets by accessing
ir Energy Field, using the procedure below:

 Neutraling the Planetary Energies (NPE)


The Healing Trilogy
Facet 3
Neutrazing the PLANETARY SYSTEM  

Having SRT and dowsing techniques as tools, I began to ask questions based on my knowledge of each planet and its movements in the stellar space, I began to clean their energies, first on myself with the surprise that I start developing a deep sense of neutrality being able to manage better the outcomes. The planetary influences began to soften.

They were still present, obviously, but my approach to it was from another space, let's say, more friendly. I  had lost the fear and therefore I had managed to feel more centered recovering my own power.

Based on this experience, I created a procedure that I began applying with friends, family, and clients.

It has been a very revealing and above all liberating journey.


I invite you to neutralize the energies of the planets that could be causing discord in your life, but above all to understand what their true purpose is and how to use them to your advantage in your daily life.

I started my studies and practice of Astrology more than 30 years ago, and I was fascinated with the influence of the stars in people's lives. I studied traditional or western astrology for many years, then I discovered Vedic or eastern astrology. Both with endless possibilities.


Knowing that the planetary influence helps us to understand the relationship we have with the stars and how it affects our lives on a daily basis, and realizing how it helps us to know ourselves better to be closer to our essence, it was a life change for me.

But how a star, for example, the moon that is thousands of kilometers (miles) away from the earth, could influence our emotions and our physical body in such a direct way? Well, through the glandular system and organs in our body.


I discovered that, for example, Venus has an important influence on the behavior and health of the kidneys, since Venus is the ruler of Libra, the sign of loving and social relationships per excellence;  or that the warrior Mars rules the digestive fire, the gallbladder, the muscles, the arteries and the blood since Mars is a fire planet.

Recognize that the mind, the physical and the emotions are one body we can ensure that these planetary energies not only affect the physical body but also affect the complete unit that comprehends us as human beings. This relationship is what makes this influence possible in our lives.


However, after many years of doing astrological readings for adults and children, I was ready for what would become my current practice. I was ready for the next level.

I wondered, how we can go further? Are we able to neutralize these energies in order to have a little more control over our emotions, thoughts and physical manifestations, and not be so blindly at the mercy of their influences?

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