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the Trilogy of Healing

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” 
Carl Jung, 

Hello, my name is Maria Cristina Zeiss and I'm here to be your...

                                                                                             wizard dowser! 


Thank you for stopping by!


It brings me so much joy to be able to share with you

what I have discovered and learned over the years in my spiritual and life path.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. 

I considered myself a "late bloomer." Although I knew

from an early age that my calling was in the

spiritual realm, I was not able to embrace it

until I was in my 50s.


I was born in Santiago de Chile which I call my borrowed

country since I never felt having roots there, however,

my memories for those first years of my life were filled

with love and tranquility.

When I was 5 years old my mother and I moved to

Venezuela, her native country, making it mine by fate.

I grow up at my grandmother's big house full of trees,

relatives and lot of freedom.

I spent my childhood, youth, and part of adult life in Venezuela, beautiful and noble country that gave me all kinds of opportunities allowing me to move to the United States, the country I have lived for the last 20 years by choice.

During many years I lived in duality. A parallelism that I could not integrate: on one hand my secret passion for the esoteric and spiritual world and on the other hand my normal daily life in a career that life chose for me.


And then a crisis came. The "Night of the Soul" as they have called it. My True Self started screaming to be heard and I couldn't help it anymore. The rest is history.


I was 10 years old the first time I dowsed with a pendulum I made with a pencil, a threat and a needle.  I read the first Astrology book when I was 9 years old and at 12 I immersed myself in learning how to read the Spanish Tarot cards. I started Meditating when I was 15 years old.


During 30 years I was between my career in the Entertainment industry with the search and work on my Spiritual Path: Astrology, Tarot, SRT, SpR, Life coaching, Yoga, Family Constellations, Transgenerational systems, among other disciplines.


In 2014 and after I had a mayor crisis I decided to dedicate my entire time and energy to the practice and teaching of the Spiritual Response (SRT)  & Dowsing healing modalities.


As a result I was guided to desing a technique to dowse up our healing powers!

The Trilogy of Healing  


* Arkana-Spiritual Dowsing (ASD)

* Opening the Power of your Family Tree (OPFT)

* Neutralizing the Planetary Energies (NPE)


All of those are interconneted and complement each other to achive a more holistic work. 

More information below.

Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 7_edited.jpg

I shared my experience because never is to late to embrace our true nature, our purpose and reconect with our High/True Self ( I AM ). 


Everyday I work to maintain that connection,  as a result I've change my future by choice, not letting the influence of fate, based on the borrowed conditionings from the past,  jeopardize my present moment. 

The opportunity is Here and Now

The Trilogy of Healing  

The Healing Trilogy cover 3 facets that characterize us as human beings: The Soul, the Family on Earth and the connection with the Planetary System.

If we were able to tap into those fields to clear the information, energies and programs we could be freer from the mechanicality that keep us trapped.

​This system is an intent to achive that.


We, as Alchemists of our own lives, have the inherent ability to transform ourselves and to have more control over our own manifestations, which results in having more control over our own destiny.

The Trilogy of Healing
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The 3 facets
1- Clearing the SOUL programs:  energies acumulated in the Spiritual  Field. 
The are two ways to accomplish this facet: 
Spiritual Response (SRT) or Arkana-Spiritual Dowsing (ASD)
2- Releasing the FAMILY ON EARTH Loyalties: false loyalties we have toward our Ancestors acumulaled in the Morfogenetic field. In order to accomplish this facet,
I offer this technique: 

Opening the Power of your Family Tree (OPFT) 
3- Neutralizing the PLANETARY SYSTEM influences: neutralizing the influences from the planets by accessing the Energy Field in the Solar System through the Neutraling the Planetary Energies (NPE) procedure.

All of those procedures  are interconeted giving the oportunity to do a more

deep healing work.


The name of Arkana12 ™ was given to me  between January and April of 2014 in the middle of some very powerful astrological events. Those events helped to move forward in the right direction to my Soul Purpose entering a new stage in my life. 


The intention of this site is offering the tools I have learned and proved to be effective over the years in  re-connecting with your True Self.


Understanding that our bodies are only antenas that tune many channels -with different levels of information and vibration- the key is to be able to choose and embrace the most loving, harmonic and conscious present to create the best future you can have. 

If you resonate with the information you find here, please feel free to contact me or follow me on instagram

@2023 by  Arkana12

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