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NPE Classes schedule 
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Details about the Class content  HERE

MOdule 1

Sun, Moon

& Eclipses

Online Class

Feb 3/4 - 2024

MOdule 2

Mercury, Venus

& Mars

Online Class

Feb 17/18 - 2024

MOdule 3

Jupiter, Saturn

& Chiron

Online Class

Mar 9/10 - 2024

MOdule 4

Pluto, Neptune

& Uranus

Online Class

Mar 24/25 - 2024

MOdule 5

Wrap up, annual

& clients

Online Class

Apr 13/14 - 2024

Taking all 5 modules in a secuencial order accordenly with the schedule.
20% discount will be applied and you will paid for 4 modules only. Last one is free of charge. Total fee: $1,820.
One time payment before the first module.

Taking the first 4 modules individually in any order when they are scheduled. 
Module 5 requires having taken the first 4 modules.
Total Fee: $2,275
Individual payments per modules.

Details about the Class content  HERE

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    Payment options


In the US: 


*Venmo @maria-zeiss

Outside of the US: 


NOTE: Transacción fee of 5% need to be added to the total amount. 

*Western Union Bank transfer 

Ask for details


are offered on line

More details:


Non refund policy

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