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NPE sessions
Scheduling a session

I offer 3 different options to clear and neutralize the planetary energies.

Option 1:

A general clearing of all the elements in the Natal Chart.

We will go through each each of the planets checking the disonants aspects and balance out the harmonious ones.

This option requires 5 sessions of 1 hr each one.

Option 2:

Neutralize the effects of the Sun & Moon Eclipses. For more efectivity I recomend to do this clearing at least 1 week before the actual Eclipse. 

Time for the session: 1 hr.

Option 3:

Having a precise intention to do the clearing. I will check each one of the elements to find out what astrological aspect is causing the actual challenge. 

Time for the session: 1 hr 30 mins.

More information about
the NPE work

In order to do this personalize work I will need to have the birthday information to do the Natal Map. 

Once you choose the option that best suits your needs from the list below, please send me an email with the following information: 

1. Date, month and year 

2. Place

3. Time. (The more precise the better)



We dont' have to be at the mercy of the planetary influences. We can undertand their messages and 

have more control over their effects.

*Information about NPE classes Here

3 options for the Npe work 

 *Option 1: General clearing: 

5 sessions -  1 hr each one.  Fee: $600 

 *Option 2: Eclipses: 

1 session - 1hr. Fee: $250

 *Option 3: Specific Intention:

1 session 1 hr. 30 min.  Fee: $315

    Payment options


In the US: 


*Venmo @maria-zeiss

Outside of the US: 


*Bank transfer ask for details

The sessions always start with SRT (to clear programs) and may included planetary transits, aspects, cycles and annual chart, if applicable. 

More information:
NOTE: no refund policy

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