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      *Dec 1/2/3

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Fee: $625 USD 

per class

NOTE: The SRA is under a reestructuring so applications to become a SRT practitioners  are not being offered until further notice. Once taken any class you are entitled to receive a certificación of attendance. 
Any questions, please call diretly to the Association.
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Now everybody can take this class

even though you are not a SRT practitioner 

or do not know how to dowse or work with your pendulum!

Please read below for more information

Family Tree Class 

Level I

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English Class:

Sept 23/24 - 2023

(9 am to 5 pm PT)

 Clases en Español

selecciones AQUI!

Family Tree Class

Level II

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 8.15.32 PM.png

English Class:

Nov  10/11/12 - 2023

 9 am - 5 pm PT

 Clases en Español

selecciones AQUI!

FT Class_August 2022.jpg

Now, you can access and clear all your Ancestors Loyalties that are creating challenges in your life... only using a pendulum!

I have created a method that will allow you open the Family Tree .... even though you have not been trained with SRT. 

Do you know how to connect with Spirit /High Self using a pendulum?

Then you are ready to take the FT classes!

Have not learned how to connect with Spirit/High Self  using a pendulum yet?


No worries, I can tech you how!

for general public

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 4.07.42 PM.png

You have the opportunity to take a

free 2 hrs class that

will teach you how mastering your connection with Spirit and Spiritual Helpers... 

... and be ready to clear your Family Tree.


This offer apply only if you sign up for the Family Tree class.

The only thing you need is the desire to heal your Family Linaje!


Payment Information


From US. please use:

From outside of US. please use:​

  • Please contact me 

More details:

Classes and Meetings  only are offered on line.

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