"There are not many roads. There are many names for the same road,  
                 and this road is CONSCIOUSNESS. Osho
*Inner Child
*Soul Family
*Clearing energy blocks
*Past life research
*Clearing Pets & physical spaces
...and much more.
*Helping people in transition


*Astrology: for the Soul
*Moon Nodes: finding your mission
*Tarot: making right choices
*Your Ancestors: Open and Heal
the Power of your Family Tree ©
*Metaphysical Healing: clearing
the conflicts affecting your wellbeing.
*Planetary Influences: neutralizing 
the energies  of the current
astrological transits.

*Session 1 hr 

(unless it's requested to extend it to 90 mins maximum)

*Fee: $150 per hr


The sessions only are conducted by phone, Zoom, FaceTime, 

The -in person- sessions are not being offered currently. 

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