"There are not many roads. There are many names for the same road,  
                 and this road is CONSCIOUSNESS.
*Inner Child
*Soul Family
*Clearing energy blocks
*Past life research
*Clearing Pets & physical spaces
...and much more.
*Helping people in transition


*Astrology: for the Soul
*Moon Nodes: finding your mission
*Tarot: making right choices
*Your Ancestors: Open and Heal
the Power of your Family Tree ©
*Metaphysical Healing: clearing
the conflicts affecting your wellbeing.
*Planetary Influences: neutralizing 
the energies  of the current
astrological transits.

*Session:  1 hr 

(unless it's requested to extend it to 90 mins maximum)

*Fee: $200 per hr using Zelle / Venmo.

           $220 per hr using PayPal.

The sessions only are conducted by phone, Zoom, FaceTime, 

The -in person- sessions are not being offered currently. 

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The spiritual modalities presented as services in this site are self-healing methods which have helped people in their path.

This does not mean however that they can help everyone. The healing process can be different for each individual and the results can never be

guaranteed, predicted or directed to a specific outcome or time frame. We are not trained to advice you

on serious medical issues and do not seek to replace the medical advise of your doctor or psychotherapist or to stop or alter the

medication and/or treatment which you are prescribed to take.

When you ask for any services in this site you agree with the conditions

explained above and acknowledge that you are in charge of your own healing process. We are just here to facilitate the process.  

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